Kubla Brewery Rock (4.2%)

RockRock is Kubla Brewery’s Saison and it was feisty to pour but once controlled its head sat up like a plumped up pillow floating above the lovely deep amber of the beer.
The smell of Rock is caramel coated peaches, pears and apricots, subtly juicy and with just a hint of zest.
On taking a mouthful I was stopped in my tracks by a flavour I knew and liked very much but just couldn’t put my finger on.
It’s almost freshly baked shortcake but not quite.
Or is it flapjack straight from the oven?
Whatever it is it’s very nice indeed.
Above all this biscuity goodness there’s a little fig, a swish of apple juice and some rather good pine resin before a finish that’s soft and gently dry and crisp.
This is a rather fine beer and if I was to make one small criticism it would be that I’d like a little more ABV to bring some of the more subtle flavours of this beer to life a bit more.

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