Marston’s Owd Rodger (7.4%)

Owd RodgerI don’t know about you but I was rather shocked to find this in my local B&M store.
Yes, the half-a-step-up-from-a-pound shop that’s taken over many of our high streets, often moving in to the building vacated by the still sadly missed (by me at least) Woolworths.
Owd Rodger is Marston’s Strong Ale and, especially at £1.79 a bottle, it’s not to be sniffed at.
It pours a deep polished mahogany and smells of liquorice, sherbet and sideboards.
The malts are heaped with stewed fruit, booze heavy and just about asking for custard, pastry and a spoon.
And there’s a warm dripping treacle toffee and some burned biscuit crumbs too.
Are there hops?
I guess so, but they’re bit part actors, hiding under the aforementioned sideboard of this malt heavy ale.
They do however provide some crunchy red leafy dryness and a little spicy citrus, but this is a big old fashioned burned sugar bitter sweet beer and at the price I found it I’m going to grab a few more.

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