Oud Beersel Brouwerij Oude Geuze Vieille (6%)

Oude Geuze VieilleSunday afternoon seems to be becoming Lambic lunchtime.
You see, as I sit here eating braising steak and mashed suede in a rich gravy, this lovely little bottle of beer feels and tastes absolutely right.
Oude Geuze Vieille pours a fizzy and feisty golden straw with a big frothy head and smells of damp orchards, cider apples and a hint of cheesy farmyard.
This is a super dry, super crisp beer that takes no prisoners with its sour bitterness.
Lurking underneath there’s soft pear juice with a little honey, a filling bready yeast and some spun sugar.
But it’s the bitterness that gets you, cutting knife sharp through the gravy rich meat of my lunch, waking me up and helping me taste my food afresh with each sip.
Oude Geuze Vieille’s dryness is pricked with zest that’s as fresh as squeezing a lemon directly into your mouth, and there’s a subtle blue cheese fug that’s creamy and lightly metallic.
The finish is lip curlingly bitter and packed with tart green leaves that give you a delicious feeling as you reach for another sip.

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