The Wild Beer Co. Ninkasi (9%)

Ninkasi BottleNow this is something rather special.
Brewed with a pile of New Zealand hops, wild yeast and fresh apple juice, Ninkasi is then bottled with champagne yeast.
The result is rather lovely and well deserving of its beautiful wax sealed bottle.
Ninkasi pours a warm honey and lemon with a fizzing head that just won’t leave and smells of apples in wooden crates, straw and orchard foliage.
As you take a sip the beer fizzes on your tongue, sparkling and popping like Space Dust.
There’s an unsurprisingly big apple juice presence here but it’s not like cider in any way, which I was half expecting it to be.
Instead it’s a lovely freshly pressed earthy English apple juice that awakens your palate and ushers in honey and bread dough, walnuts, cooked pears in syrup, a pinch of salt and a whole heap of green tangy herbs drenched in lime juice.
NinkasiTowards the end there’s a clean steely metallic bite that sets your teeth on edge and then makes way for the spun sugar, mown lawns, lemon juice and blackcurrant leaves of the finish.
I don’t say this kind of thing very often but Ninkasi is almost, almost perfect.

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