Thornbridge Imperial Oatmeal Stout (11%)

Imperial Oatmeal StoutI picked this up from Cotteridge Wines recently having usually only looked at this range from Thornbridge and wondering if these beers might be too expensive for their own good.
Having finally bought one I can see immediately what it is I’ve paid for.
THis is a super stout, booze heavy and thick with oats, you get comforting warm porridge and deep sexy booze all in one glass.
Imperial Oatmeal Stout pours an impenetrable black and smells of bitter chocolate and sozzled stewed fruits, and taking a sip lifted the top of my head off.
It’s an intense blast of rum, chocolate, plums, damsons, tamarind and digestive biscuits.
And then there’s dry, brittle, sharp brambles, nettles and marigold petals from the hops.
The finish is both tongue curlingly bitter, hot chocolate comfortable and head swimmingly boozy.
Worth every single penny.

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