Art Brew This Beer Doesn’t Exist (8.5%)

This Beer Doesn't ExistI am an idiot.
I’ve been really looking forward to this beer.
It’s an Art Brew experiment and I’m one of the lucky few to get a bottle and I poured it really badly and, in my haste, created a yeast soup.
Mind you, it may not look great as a result of my idiocy but it doesn’t half taste good.
This is a big fat orange marmalade beer with a light ring of bubbles for a head and a massive fresh fruit juice smell.
It’s something of a signature of Art Brew beers for me, a smell that’s intensely fruit juice rich and ripe and plump.
What this beer does is remind me of the first Art Brew I ever tasted.
It was Bouncy (Scary Rabbit Beer) and, apart from their Orange IPA, it’s my favourite of all their beers as it was my introduction to the wild, wacky, amazing beery world of the brewery.
This is like Bouncy on steroids.
It’s Art Brew’s Lance Armstrong.
The malts scream at you and hurl biscuits and slabs of peppercorn encrusted toffee.
The hops are achingly bitter, dry bramble hedges, doc leaves and elderflower with the biggest lemon you’ve ever seen wearing studded wristbands.
Wristbands studded with lime pips.
And then there’s mango and pear juice making out in the background.
The booze sneaks up on you and before you know it your eyes are crossed and your brains are mush as you lounge in a finish that’s excruciatingly bitter and long and subversively sexy.
This is the essence of Art Brew beer and I love it.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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