Beavertown Brewery 8 Ball (6.2%)

8 BallI do enjoy a good rye brewed beer.
I like the earthiness, the meaty bite, the cardboard box of delights that rye brings.
And fortunately for me 8 Ball is a really good rye brewed beer.
Pouring a deep furniture polish red, the smell is resinous and fruity and laced with spices.
On taking your first mouthful you realise that this isn’t just a rye IPA, it’s a hugely hopped rye IPA that attacks you on several levels.
First there’s a gloriously warm sticky dense toffee stuffed with cracked peppercorns and a pinch of chili flakes.
Then there’s a hefty hop attack that’s stinging nettle sharp with great big hits of English garden flowers and citrus zest, floral and snappy, dry and bitter.
And under all this rumbles the deeply satisfying pumpernickel feast of the rye that makes this a rather muscular and absolutely delicious little bottle of beer.

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