Beavertown Brewery Gamma Ray APA (5.4%)

Gamma Ray APAAnother winner from Beavertown, Gamma Ray APA is as day glo and comic book like as its excellently drawn label, a fizzing amber beer with a heavy floral aroma full of hibiscus, passion flowers and grapefruit.
Packed with hops, Gamma Ray slithers into your mouth and takes over your face, it’s a full on assault as it commands, “Take me to your leader!”
And it’s futile to refuse as your tongue is tied tightly in knots by angry alien flowers armed with ray guns firing lemon pips into your eyes and whipping you with switches pulled from lime trees.
The roof of your mouth is lacerated by shards of caramelised sugar glass, sweet and sticky and flecked with salt crystals, the attack of the malts comes as a blessed relief from the onslaught of passion fruit, coriander, lemon zest and orange rind.
Eventually, with invasion complete and its mind control rendering you a gibbering fool, Gamma Ray APA gives up and leaves in search of the next body to colonize.
And then it takes a while to get any feeling back in your face.
This is glorious sci-fi fun.

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