Clown Shoes Lubrication (6%)

LubricationFrom what I can tell Clown Shoes is a brand name of the Mercury Brewing Co. of Ipswich Massachusetts, and Lubrication is an American Black Ale.
What’s more, it’s superb.
It pours as black as pitch with a cappuccino head and a smell that’s passion flowers, chewy sweets and coffee.
This is what, here in the UK, we’ve been calling a Black IPA for the last couple of years or so.
It’s either a demonically dark IPA or a dangerously hopped Porter.
Take your pick because whatever you call it, it’s delicious.
The malts are packed full of coffee and chocolate, caramel and black pepper.
And then there’s an enormous blast of redwood resin that sticks to your gums and acts all sexy before the hops hit you with orange rind and lemon juice, lime zest and just a little coconut milk.
The finish is stuffed to the gills with sherbet dipped candied fruits and a fresh cup of espresso that goes on and on.
What an excellent way to get lubricated in your living room.

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