Hart Family Brewers No. 3 (4.7%)

No 3So tell me, is the name Hart Family Brewers a trade name of The 1833 Brewery or is it the other way around?
I’d just be interested to know.
Perhaps I should read their website.
What I do know for sure is that this is a really good dark ale that does all the right things and bodes well for the other beers I have to try in this range.
Pouring a deep mahogany with only a hint of a head, the aroma is raisins and plums infused with spices.
Hart Family Brewers No. 3 is a beer that’s all about its malts, and they’re superb.
Dense rich fruit cake flavours, almonds and mince pies, a little rum and a whole heap of red fruit all packed into some comfortingly squidgy malt loaf stodginess.
The hops are the sidekick, providing support and accenting the main act with dry hedgerow greenery, some autumnal leaf mulch and a fresh dry elderflower that leaves a good clean finish.
I’m looking forward to the others now.

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