Partizan Brewing Porter (5.6%)

PorterIf you’ve not tried any Partizan beer yet can I suggest that you get your hands on some quick smart so that in twelve months time you can say, “Oh, but I was drinking them a year ago!”
The reason?
Partizan make exceptional beer wrapped in beautiful packaging and I get the distinct feeling that they’ll be one of the cool breweries to like in a few months’ time.
Take their Porter for example.
It pours as black as tar with a neat little head like a good espresso’s crema, and smells of beautifully polished chocolate coated sideboards.
This is a meaty beer, full of round, deep, thick treacle and beef stock drenched biscuits.
There’s a pinch of salt too, and it helps bring out the depth of flavour at work here.
You can chew on rum soaked damsons, sweet and sour all at once, while the hops are brittle, crisp red autumnal leaves, chamomile tea, grass clippings and damp woodland mulch.
All this and a finish that’s bright and sharp and zingy.
This is a superb porter from a very exciting brewery.
Just don’t miss out.

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