Staffordshire Brewery Staffordshire Hoppy Bitter (4.2%)

Staffordshire Hoppy BitterI found this in Asda and was intrigued by it.
Especially the “Triple Filtered For A Clean Finish” tagline on the label.
It seems like an odd thing to say.
The kind of thing I remember on lager cans twenty or so years ago.
After all, if you beer’s good is there any need to mention how many times it’s been filtered and if it’s not, then maybe something to whet the appetite a little more would be in order.
Maybe it’s just me.
And this is a decent enough beer as it goes.
It pours a rich amber and smells of toffee apples.
The malts are toffee and shortcake, and the hops are dry and crisp and have a nice resinous sapling pith that leads to a clean, sharp finish.
So why mention the filtering?
The fact that the brewery’s website advertises contract bottling on their new state of the art sterile filtered machinery may have something to do with.

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