Steven’s Point Brewery Point IPA (5.6%)

Poimt IPAI’d not herd of this brewery until they appeared in Cotteridge Wines, and the pointy headed man on the label made me smile.
Steven’s Point Brewery is based in Wisconsin and this IPA of theirs is really rather good.
The twist cap opened with a hiss and the beer poured a deep, rich amber with a fruity, resinous, warm piney smell.
With my first sip Point IPA reminded me of Victory’s Hop Devil without the hit of alcohol, with its big round body of thick gloopy toffee, maple syrup and a whole tree trunk’s worth of resinous redwood bark.
The hops are sharp citrus rind, loaded with grapefruit and a splash of orange juice, and then some fizzy sherbet pops and sparkels before Point IPA and its Devo-esque pinhead cover star leave you with a long, dry, teeth curling finish.
I’m looking forward to trying the other Point beers I picked up now.

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