@Tabamatu Pomegranate Nelson Saison (7.5%)

Pomegranate Nelson SaisonI get so excited when I’m lucky enough to get home brewed beer through the post.
And this is a perfect example of why.
This is a home brewed Saison with Nelson Sauvin and Pomegranate juice.
And what’s more, it’s superb.
The bottle opened with a sigh and the beer poured with a gorgeous, slightly bitter, fruity, metallic aroma.
In fact from the smell, if I’d been handed this and not told where it was from I’d have said it was a Belgian farmhouse beer.
Taking a mouthful the malts are shortcake sprinkled with sugar and coated in a light caramel.
There’s a pinch of salt that brings out the dry, clean bitterness of the pomegranate and leads the way to the herbal, lemon tinged, kiwi fruit and lime of the hops.
The finish is ever so slightly sour but fruity and softened by a lovely runny honey that quickly disappears to leave a super long crisp dryness in the finish.
This is seriously good brewing.

*Huge thanks to Andy (@tabamatu) for being kind enough to send me his beer.

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