A Pair Of American Classics

I grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge last night and realised that although I and just about every other beer lover knows them very well, I’ve not yet written about them.
At least if I have I can’t find the reviews anywhere.
That said while looking I noticed I wrote two separate reviews for Anchor Brewery’s Steam Beer only three months apart so who knows*.
So here are two completely unnecessary reviews of beers that have been written about over and over for a very long time.

Steam BeerAnchor Brewing Co. Steam Beer (4.8%)
Anchor’s Steam is a stone cold American Classic, brewed to emulate European Lagers but ending up somewhere in between Lager and Ale due to the lack of cold fermentation.
Steam is a beer full of toffee and pine resin, redwood and green leaf tea.
Pouring a very appetising deep amber, it smells of walnuts, caramel and red berries and as you drink the flavours build and the bitterness of lemon zest starts to come to the fore which, coupled with a spiky crisp autumn leaf mulch, makes for a long dry and very satisfying finish.

Doggie StyleFlying Dog Brewery Doggie Style (5.5%)
Doggie Style is Flying Dog’s Classic Pale Ale and it’s a superb little beer.
I love the smell of this, it’s full and ripe with berries dressed in resin, like lacquered cherries polished and displayed on an old writing desk.
There’s leather in there too, and a big blob of toffee.
And that’s where the flavour of Doggie Style begins, saddle bags crammed with toffees and glacé cherries, biscuit crumbs and flat pack redwood furniture.
Or is it more like old American weathered house sidings?
Whatever it is, it’s woody and crunchy and over it the hops snap and crackle with fresh basil and thyme, green leaves and a bouquet of dead flowers to finish.
Doggie Style, if more readily available, could easily become my favourite position.
Sorry, I mean regular beer.

*Before you bother looking I have deleted one of them.

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