Birrificio Italiano Bibock (6.2%)

BibockThis is my first beer from this brewery and I like it a lot.
From the beautifully odd shape of the bottle with its over-sized cap to the, “Sieze The Day, Sieze The Essence” tag line, Birrificio Italiano’s beer looks cool.
And if this one is anything to go by then their beer tastes good too.
Bibock is the brewery’s take on a Bock (no surprise there) and it does all the right things in a big, shouty, vivacious, Italian way.
Bibock has an enormous toffee drenched malted digestive biscuit heart that beats with life and fills you with warm bran flakes, burned sugar sweetness and the richness of rum and raisin.
In fact the malts in this beer grow as you drink, attempting to pummel you into submission, and are only held back by the swish of peppery green herbal hops that cut across this beer and pull it back from the brink of malty overkill.
Is this why the bottle says, “La Prepotenza*”?
The smell is a caramel sweet honeysuckle and spiced apricot mist that also seems to get bigger as you work your way down the glass, eventually taking over your entire head before beign washed away by Bibock’s green leaf tea tinged gooey finish.


*In my bad Italian I seem to remember this means The Bully.

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