George Wright Brewing Co. Pure Blonde (5%)

Pure BlondeI do love a well made English lager.
Ever since Freedom Brewery turned my head I’ve been excited by how well we can make lagered beer, how we don’t need the commercial crap we get thrust upon us in shops and pubs throughout the land, how lager can be delicious and refreshing and packed full of flavour.
And this Premium Lager from George Wright is a very good beer indeed.
It pours a shining gold and fizzes with life, its foaming head smiling at you as you smell lightly spiced honey and apple juice.
There’s a great brioche of a malt, with lots of caramelised sugar, more honey and a little pear to counter the apple in the aroma.
The mix of German, Czech and Polish hops work together to give a super fresh, green herbal snap, with lots of sapling pith dryness and a very slight hint of aniseed and lavender.
All of this leads to a finish that is dry and clean and immensely refreshing.
This is how lager can taste.

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