Salopian Brewery Vertigo (7.2%)

VertigoVertigo is Salopian’s New Black IPA and I’ve been waiting excitedly for ages to try it.
And I have to say it’s been worth the wait.
Pouring as black as pitch, Vertigo’s head is big and frothy and sexy.
The smell is packed with fruity chews, red liquorice laces, and a touch of espresso.
There’s a lovely rounded thick juiciness on your tongue with bags of satsuma flesh, lime and lemon skins, mango and grapefruit.
Under this lurks a warm biscuity makt with a hint of Marmite, some black pepper, chewy toffee, chocolate, coffee and plum jam.
As you drink the sharpness builds with the Centennial and Galaxy hops working as a team to hammer away at your senses with their crisp tang.
The finish is long and sticky and beautifully bitter.
Oh, and I love the branding too.
Vertigo is a beer that marks Salopian out as one of our most underrated breweries.
We really should be taking more notice.

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