Saltaire Brewery Saltaire Blonde (4%)

Saltaire BlondeNow this is a great lunchtime beer, packed with fun but doesn’t send you giddy.
Saltaire’s Blonde is a light ale brewed with Czech hops that give a wonderfully intense spiciness.
The smell is shortcake, apricots and caramel with a little sprinkling of white pepper in the background, and the beer sits up all perky and fizzing in your glass.
The initial flavours are soft caramel, runny honey and sweetcorn, and a lovely light crusty bread backbone.
Then the hops start kicking up a fuss, wanting to be the centre of attention.
They’re big and boisterous, packed with hedgerow foliage and lots of green herbs and spices.
Peppercorns pop over a floral basil tang that leaves a finish that’s equally honey sweet, bitter and dry.

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