Satanic Mill Brewery India Ink (6.8%)

India InkAll Hail Our Home Brewers. This bottle was kindly sent to me by my friend Jimmy and it’s a very good Black IPA.
It pours a deep and dark purple tinged black with a cappuccino head and smells of chewy cola bottles, lavender and Marmite.
There’s an initial big bitter whack in the face from the hops, all lemon pith tartness and orange zest, but under it lurks a decent caramel body.
I can just about make out some biscuits and bran flakes, but only just as they’re quickly beaten into submission, along with my tongue, buy the massive hops that just keep coming.
There’s lots of mango and Coca Cola, a little liquorice and even some apple juice, and all this comes at you in waves of juicy sweetness and brain numbingly bitter dryness that rips all the moisture from your head leaves you looking for all the world like a deflated balloon.
Albeit a happy, very happy, deflated balloon.
As I said, All Hail Our Home Brewers.

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