Sierra Nevada Narwhal (10.2%)

NarwhalOh boy, you can really feel the booze in this booze.
Narwhal is Sierra Nevada’s impeccably dressed Imperial Stout and it’s absolutely delightful.
Actually, delightful’s the wrong word.
It’s disorientingly good.
It sits in your glass like a journey to the bottom of the ocean, with a foam of cappuccino bubbles for a head.
The smell is intense with celery, a little spring onion, bergamot and rum and prunes in chocolate.
Warm and deep and alcoholic.
And it feels it too.
This is a sticky beer, a sexy beer, a last thing at night in the bows of a tall ship beer.
There’s a massive woody rum body, thick with dark bitter chocolate and swimming in drunken fleshy stewed fruit.
And then a resinous pine thing takes hold and instantly reminds you that this is a Sierra Nevada beer.
You just can’t escape that redwood thing that this brewery does so well.
The hops are wooden ships ablaze on a citrus sea, seen through a thick smoky fog that makes for an unctuous and rather gorgeous honey rich, bitter and dry finish.
Narwhal, like its namesake, is an astonishing animal.

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