Three Tuns Brewery Cleric’s Cure (5%)

Cleric's CureI often enjoy this beer from cask when visiting Shropshire so I was interested to see what it’s like out of a bottle.
And I have to say it’s rather good.
Cleric’s Cure is a very nice Golden Ale that pours an unsurprising gold with a very nice creamy cloud for a head.
Its aroma is honey and straw and Farley’s Rusks and I find it rather appealing.
From cask it’s the slightly higher ABV than many other beers of its type that I personally think makes the flavours that bit more boisterous, and so it is with this bottle.
There are all the classic “Real Ale” flavours here but they’re all amplified and deliciously loud.
The malts are caramel and honey and peppercorns and apple cores, the kind of apple cores I watch blackbirds eating in my back garden.
You know, really bruised and ageing.
The hops are Goldings and Fuggles, mown lawns, hedgerows and hazelnuts, nettles and horse chestnuts.
All this and a sap heavy, woody finish.
A great beer from my home county.

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