Winster Valley Brewery Lakes Pilsner (4.8%)

Lakes PilsnerAnother beer from my Best Of British haul, Winster Valley’s Pilsner is really rather good.
Unfortunately as I took a sniff I inhaled a nose-full and so all I can smell is an intense beeriness.
Lakes Pilsner is a light straw colour with a simple ring of bubbles for a head.
There’s a delightfully crisp and clean feeling to this beer, which may be due to the spring water that the brewery use.
The malts give a very nice golden biscuity crunch combined with some good runny honey and a little white pepper.
And then the hops are all sapling wood pith, lemon juice and bay leaves before a very nice hit of fresh green herbs.
Basil and mint, a little thyme and a pleasant rosemary woodiness that leaves a finish that’s refreshingly bitter and dry.

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