Beer Here & Brewfist Caterpillar Pale Ale (5.8%)

CaterpillarThis collaboration between Beer Here of Denmark and Brewfist of Italy is a New Zealand hopped Pale Ale with a side order of rye in it.
The label of this beer, with its Alice an the smoking Caterpillar, urges me to write some quasi-psychedelic review but I’m determined not to.
And so all ou’re getting is a run of the mill, tastes-like description.
Caterpillar pours a slightly cloudy orange with a fuzzy head and the hops are right up front, big and bold and bursting with oranges and lemons and adding a floral bouquet to the spiced apricots of the aroma.
The addition of rye and an earthy, almost dirty pumpernickel backbone, but it isn’t quite strong enough in my opinion.
I’d have liked the rye to be a bit more muscular.
But that’s a very small gripe as there’s still a good thick toffee to the rest of the malts that adds some burned sugar sweetness to the long, fresh and very tart finish.
Caterpillar is a good little beer and I’ve managed to get to the end without a single mention of hookah pipes and rabbit holes.

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