Box Steam Brewery Chuffin’ Ale (4%)

Chuffin' AleI’m not sure where to go with this review.
On first taste this is a decent chestnut brown bitter with a biscuit and fruit aroma.
Taking a swig you get some toffee and some subtle apples and pears and a great big digestive biscuit.
The hops are sharp and spiky with a light green herbal leafiness and some lawn clippings.
But as you continue to drink an enormous and, to my taste at least, unpleasantly overpowering harsh bran biscuit thing takes over.
It reminds me very much of Shepherd Neame’s Bishop’s Finger, which is a beer I don’t like at all for exactly the same reason.
The biscuit thing becomes woody, like chewing a bit of two by four coated in burned-until-bitter sugar.
I suppose the answer to this is, i you like Bishop’s Finger you like this and if you don’t you probably won’t.

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