Brüpond Tip Top Hop (6%)

Tip Top HopThis is a “Continually hopped IPA” and as you might expect, it’s more than just a little bit hoppy.
So let’s begin at the beginning.
Tip Top Hop is a lovely sunny amber beer with a dense fluffy head.
Its aroma is fresh and zingy, all green leaves wrapped around tangerines.
And that’s more or less where the flavours start.
Lots and lots of hoppy hops, green herbal pithy leaves, lemon pips, mandarins, orange juice and a light resinous woodiness.
And then it moves up a gear and you start to get English hedgerows dense with dewy brambles, blackcurrant leaves and a slosh of black tea.
Bubbling under all this there’s a soft caramel and shortcake biscuit that adds a lightly spiced honey richness to the extremely bitter, dry, sharp hoppy finish.
As I said, yummy.

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