Hardknott Brewery Azimuth IPA (5.8%)

Azimuth IPAHey Dave!*
You don’t strike me as an 80’s pop diva fan, I see you more as a rock kind of chap.
But this is a beer review and this is a superb little bottle of beer.
Azimuth is the colour of a fiery sun and smells lovely.
It’s all hibiscus and peaches, apricots and jelly sweets all wrapped up in orange peel.
There’s a shed load of hops in here all working together to contort your face with zingy lime and lemon zest, sweet satsuma juice, a side order of resinous pine varnish and a big bunch of thorny green twigs.
Oh, and there’s a cheeky little caramel lurking under all this, it’s round and sweet and flecked with biscuit crumbs.
I’m not sure that this beer has a finish as Azimuth refuses to go away, long after your final mouthful your withered tongue is still throbbing with bitter dry goodness.
So Dave, I really like Azimuth and I love the new branding but dude, Carmel was a singer in the 1980’s so I think your labels might need spell checking.

*You can follow Hardknott’s Dave Bailey on Twitter (@hardknottDave) and read his excellent blog.

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