The Waen Brewery Chilli Plum Porter (6.1%)

Chilli Plum PorterI seem to have waited an age to try some beer from Waen.
We’ve spoken several times about me paying a visit but I seem never to be in the right place, ie. Wales.
So, has it been worth the wait?
Hell yes.
Chilli Plum Porter is a dense, deep mahogany with a feisty head and a smell that’s warm and chocolatey.
From the beer’s name I was expecting a big hot fruity punch, but this is a sexily subtle beer that lures you in and gently delivers its goodness.
There’s a super malt that’s bitter chocolate and espresso, well baked biscuits and a soft, rounded fruitiness.
It’s stewed plums and it’s rather comforting.
And then your tongue is softly prickled by chilli heat that’s red and sweet, hot and very sensual.
The hops are autumn leaves and lemon pips that cut across this beer with a much needed freshness, and the finish is long and thick and stickily satisfying.
Yes, it was definitely worth the wait.

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