Brodie’s Brewery Kiwi IPA (7.2%)

Kiwi IPAI’ll tell you something straight away, it’s a brave man who proclaims their own work fabulous, but “Brodie’s Fabulous Beers” do just that.
Fortunately with Kiwi IPA, Brodie’s have it just about right.
This little bottle of delight is all about New Zealand hops.
They’re so big that they burst out of the bottle as soon as you open the cap with the smell of tropical fruit chews, parma violets and limes.
Taking a swig is, I imagine, like chewing hops, it’s resinous and piney, drenched in passion fruit, kiwi and grapefruit, some sherbet fizz and the zest and pith of a million lemons.
There’s a malt somewhere in here but it takes some finding.
When you do eventually locate it, it’s runny honey and brioche that adds some much needed sweetness to the sticky, sharp and intensely bitter finish.

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