Buxton Brewery Tsar Bomba (10%)

Tsar BombaI’m not sure where to start with this apart from simply saying, “Wow!”
Tsar Bomba is an Imperial Stout inoculated with a 1978 Brettanomyces yeast and then dry hopped to within an inch of its life.
The result is a purple black beer with a dark and thick cappuccino head that smells of peaches in red wine and apricots coated in bitter chocolate.
And then you take a mouthful and you’re accosted by rum and raisin and biscuits and brandy and blue cheese and tamarind and chocolate.
Just as your poor brain is working all this out there’s a big sour yeasty wash that brings cheesy, fusty mushrooms and damp straw and sour cherries, and everything gets beautifully confusing.
The finish is dry and herbal, crisp and lemon sharp.
But it’s a sour, bitter lemon that’s tobacco woody and beautifully, tongue creasingly sour.
What a lovely beer this is.

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