Flying Dog Brewery Horn Dog (10.2%)

Horn DogNow this is how I want all Barley Wines to taste.
Horn Dog is a deep, dark mahogany beer with a bubbly head and a smell that’s spiced appels and pears in fruity syrup.
This is a sticky, chewy beer with a super toffee heart encased in bran and black peppercorns.
You get a lot of apple juice as you drink, rich and fruity and bruised, and bubbling under it there’s a rich brandy warmth that reminds you of the ABV at work here.
Now and then the hops pop up with resinous waxed woodwork, a bouquet garni and some brown autumnal leaf litter.
Oh, and Horn Dog is a beer that just doesn’t want to leave.
It hangs around for ages, but rather than a long dry bitterness, this is a thick unctuous but very satisfying warm stickiness that coats your teeth and leaves you both happy ad a little drunk.
So to sum up, I’m happily drunk and rather enamoured of a Horny Dog.

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