Mikkeller Red/White Christmas (8.5%)

Red White ChristmasYes I know it’s May and that this is a Christmas beer, but I’ve been looking at it on my shelf for five months now and this evening I just couldn’t resist any longer.
From it’s beautifully labelled foil covered 1500ml (yes, you read that right!) bottle to its mountainous foamy head, this is a stunning beer.
The smell is spiced oranges and banoffee pie and the beer is the most invitingly warm amber colour.
The heart of Red/White Christmas is a sticky, chewy toffee and lots of spice, a punch bowl full of orange liqueur and fresh brioche doused in brandy.
The hops, as you would expect from Mikkeller, are strong and shouty, with lots of grapefruit peel, bay leaves, pine resin and mandarin zest.
All this leads to a chest warming orange and coriander infused finish that’s sharp, bitter, dry and extremely boozy.
And yes I drank all 1500ml myself.
Happy Christmas.

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