Satanic Mill Brewery H-Bomb (8.7%)

H-BombI wonder if this is Jimmy’s take on BrewDog’s Hardcore?
If it is then he’s not far off the mark.
H-Bomb is a mother of a home brewed Double IPA, and I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.
It pours a deep, dark and super sexy chestnut red with a light head and an enormous smell of varnished chewy sweets.
The hops are sticky with resin, ripping at your face with bitter citrus abandon.
Heaps of fizzy jelly sweets and Love Hearts, hibiscus and passion fruit, mango chives and basil make up a weird alcoholic salad.
The malts are itchy farmers britches stuffed with apples to lure livestock, toffees for fun and brown bread crusts smeared in orange marmalade from yesterday’s lunch.
The booze is well concealed by H-Bomb’s sozzled playground cut grass and nettle stings, and as a result it sneaks up behind you and gets you with a beer wedgie, leaving you cross eyed but happily pained by the long bitter sweet honeyed finish.

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