Tatton Brewery Lazy Haze (3.7%)

Lazy HazeWell this is lovely.
I wasn’t sure when I read that Lazy Haze was brewed with honey and “a tea infusion”, but I thought I’d take a punt.
And I’m really pleased I did.
This is a delightful golden ale that has a really distinct smell and flavour, to my senses anyway.
Remember Iced Gems?
Tiny circular biscuits with coloured candy toppings.
That’s what this beer is full of.
A light but well baked biscuit that’s almost puff pastry, topped with a lightly fruity, sugary playful goodness.
I could break it down into malts and hops, but there’d be no point.
This is one of those beers where it’s the overall effect that truly matters.
That said, there’s a honey and ginger background buzz and a clean elderflower dryness, that leads into a crisp hoppy finish, but everything else about Lazy Haze is childhood sweetie magic.

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