Adnams Fat Sprat (3.8%)

Fat Sprat CaskBrewed in support of The Marine Conservation Society, Fat Sprat is one of Adnams’ seasonal beers for 2013.
This one’s a summer ale and I like it a lot.
Fat Sprat pours a glowing amber and smells of lightly spiced honey biscuits.
Unsurprisingly that’s where the flavours begin, with a rich gooey toffee, lots of shortbread and sticky honey covered in a handful of mixed peppercorns that pop and snap in a rather delightful way.
The mix of hops – Columbus, English Goldings, Cascade and Chinook – provides a sharp citrus freshness and a soft floral bouquet that leaves a crisp bitter sweet finish.
My only problem is that I prefer my beer much colder than this and the mini cask makes cooling it rather difficult.
All in all, a lovely light session beer that’s perfect for a sunny summer’s day.
Now all we need is a summer.

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