Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale ’55 (5%)

Pennant Ale 55This is a bit of a malty beast, with lots and lots of digestive biscuits coated in toffee.
Fortunately there’s just enough bitter hops to rescue it from being cloying.
Pennant Ale ’55 pours a warm copper and smells of slightly salty biscuits and honey.
As I’ve already mentioned, the malt is very biscuity indeed, with a little toffee sweetness and a hint of doughy yeast.
And then the hops come in with a citrus lemon tartness and a bouquet of garden flowers.
But what stops this being great, like with so many Brooklyn beers, is it feels a little bit thin.
Whether or not it’s over-carbonation, whatever, there’s just not enough body and it feels very gassy in your mouth.

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