Signature Brew Enter Shikari Sssnakepit (5%)

Enter Shikari SssnakepitI should really have read the label notes before I opened this bottle, because then I would have known it was a lager and as a result wouldn’t have found myself assuming it was a Pale Ale and feeling a bad review coming on as I poured it.
But what we have here is a very nice lager indeed.
Brewed at the Titanic Brewery, Sssnakepit is a sunny straw colour with a soft honeyed floral aroma.
It has a good caramel and shortcake malt, and lots of crisp, spicy, herbal hops that are full of lemon and grapefruit zest, some leafy greenness and a finish that’s smooth and refreshing.
So, not a Pale Ale at all.
Oh, and one final thing before I stop writing, I’m about to blow my cool, but can someone tell me is Enter Shikari the band, or is the band called Sssnakepit?

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