Sunbeam Ales Extra Special Ale (5.2%)

Extra Special AleI’ve only had one other beer by Sunbeam and I loved it.
I think this one might be even better.
As mentioned before, Sunbeam are the smallest brewery in Leeds, and boy do they make some great beer.
Extra Special Ale pours a deep inviting conker red and smells of Marmite, digestive biscuits and honey.
This is a malt-centric beer that makes no apologies for its big round bran rich, meaty, toffee heavy heart, thick with treacle and flecked with peppercorns.
The hops are a delicious aside, all apple cores and orchard leaves, winter hedgerow brittle with a very nice earthy background.
This is a beer that leaves you with a warm rum and raisin, honey and bitter blackberry leaf finish that doesn’t want to stop.
Oh, and by the way, I love Sunbeam’s lo-fi look to their labels too.

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