The Celt Experience Brewery Continental Drift (5.9%)

Continental DriftBrewed with @realaletoday, Continental Drift is a part of Celt’s Shape-Shifter Series of collaborative beers.
This one’s a Red Rye IPA, and boy do I like rye beers.
I love the earthy pumpernickel and bran dirtiness of them, and this one doesn’t disappoint.
Continental Drift pours a rich chestnut mare red and smells of cherry sweets, red liquorice laces and salted peanuts.
There’s a very large digestive biscuit at the base of the malts here, and it combines with the rye to give a rich meaty gravy of a body.
But never fear, there’s a good helping of sweet treacle toffee too, and over this the hops burst with sharp grapefruit rind, sherbet, a dense pine resin richness and crunchy brown leaf litter that leaves a very satisfying dry, bitter finish.
Right now Celt are just getting better and better.
I wonder where they’ll go from here?

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