The Celt Experience Brewery Willow (8.8%)

WillowDear Celt Experience, you need to be very careful.
Very careful indeed.
You see, if you keep making beer as good as this I may have to fall head over heels for you.
You’re right to describe Willow, another in your Ogham Series, as a “Majestic IPA” because majestic is a very fitting description.
I love the deep conker red ad the feisty foaming creamy head.
I love the jelly sweets and toffee of the aroma too.
But most of all I love the deep, rich and gloopy toffee apple malt, the hint of bran flakes and the big pinch of black peppercorns.
And I love the boozy heat that swims above the massive resinous punch of the hops with their enormous mango, grapefruit and foam shrimp sweetness, their scorchingly dry lemon zest and grapefruit pip bitterness, and the finish that’s both mouth-coatingly sticky sweet and lip curlingly bitter and dry.
But man alive, please please please spell check your labels.
Majestic is spelled with a J not a G.

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