The Wild Beer CO, Modus Operandi (7%)

Modus OperandiIf you’re going to call a beer Modus Operandi you need to make sure that it’s pretty damned good.
And this really is.
Modus Operandi is aged for ninety days in oak and fermented with wild yeast, so I guess it’s kind of a Wild Beer’s take on a Flanders Red Ale.
Whatever it is it breaks down like this.
Pouring a dark sexy mahogany brown with a fizzing creamy head, the smell is red wine spilled on antique leather chairs in a wood lined drawing room.
There’s a lovely Port meatiness to this beer and lots of wood too.
And I’m afraid this is where I go über Jilly Goolden, because this tastes like chewing your school pencils and licking your teacher’s suede elbow pads while swigging rum for a laugh.
There’s a shed load of damsons in here too, poached in rum, stirred with liquorice root and presented with a Ryvita topped with toffee apple and bacon rind to munch on the side.
The yeast gives a warm mushroom  and leaf mulch earthiness which works well with the nettle sting sharp hops that adds some much needed bitter lemon zest freshness to the long sticky honey finish.
Modus Operandi has just become one of the favourites for my Beer Of The Year.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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