Thornbridge Chiron (5%)

ChironI’ve heard and read a fair bit about Chiron, Thornbridge’s American Pale Ale.
Everybody seems to love it.
And I can see why as it’s very easy to drink.
It pours a light gold with a small fizzing head and smells of peaches and strawberries.
The malt is a soft honey brioche that just about provides enough body for the hops.
And the hops are pretty good, giving you satsumas and lemons, sherbet and grapefruit, a splash of mandarin juice and a load of lime pith.
All this makes for a fresh and dry bitter finish.
Yes Chiron is good, but I couldn’t help thinking two things while drinking it, and they kept coming back with each mouthful.
Firstly, the overall flavour is remarkably like Kipling, especially in the malting, is it the same malt profile in both beers?
Secondly, it’s a close approximation of, but is it as good as Magic Rock’s High Wire?
And the answer to that question is no.

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