We Are Glass: Two Beers From Atlantic Brewery

Yesterday I had two bottles of beer from The Atlantic Brewery.
Both were flavoured beers and both were presented in clear glass.
I liked neither of them, but one was almost definitely due to light strike as it had all the hallmarks that  I have come to associate with clear bottles and has stopped me buying any beer in clear glass.
Before you ask, they came as part of a mixed case so I didn’t get a choice.
I’ll publish the reviews exactly as I wrote them yesterday, I just don’t understand why breweries still consider clear bottles a good option.
I do actually, it’s marketing, they look nice on the shelf.
Ho hum.

Golden Pale Ale With Lime, Chilli & GingerGolden Pale Ale With Lime, Chilli & Ginger (5.5%)
I would usually stay away from clear glass but the problem here isn’t light strike.
Instead the problem is terrible under carbonation which leaves this beer feeling heavy and flaccid when it ought to be crisp and pin sharp.
The smell isn’t bad, lightly honeyed and spicy with ginger.
But the flavour is a bit of a mess.
The malting is overly sweet, the ginger has a bit of a dry, stale quality and the lime is almost nonexistent.
The chilli however is quite nice, giving you a decent kick of heat on the back of your tongue.
But it’s a little too fleeting and is wiped away by the cloyingly sweet finish.
All in all this feels too much like a novelty beer, and in fact it would be helped hugely if you could taste the beer in it.

Rich Cornish PorterRich Cornish Porter (5.5%)
Pouring and taking a mouthful of this actually made me swear out loud.
Is this a truly terrible beer or is it due to light strike, or skunking, or whatever it is we’re calling it these days.
It smells of nothing more than old morning after the night before ashtrays from a scummy pub, damp, stale and bitter.
The flavour is about the same, chewed cigarette butts, sour fruit and dishwater.
I’m struggling to find anything good to say about this except to say that many years ago I spent an evening in a local pub and at the end of the night I and some friends dared each other to drink all the dregs from the bar.
What this beer reminds me of is the foul brown liquid that I bravely tasted from a yellowing Bass ashtray before we were finally asked to leave.

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