Brasseire Thiriez La Blonde D’Esquelbecq (6.5%)

La Blonde D'EsquelbercqIf someone was to blindfold you and put you in a dark room and then give you a mouthful of this rather good beer you’d immediately guess that it’s Belgian.
It has that lovely rich steely, doughy, spicy yeast thing going on, and it’s so pronounced it could only be Belgian and not some Brit or US brew using the yeast.
Could this be a Terroir thing too?
Or am I getting a bit to poncy?
Anyhow, all around this yeasty goodness there’s a honey tinged pretzel, well baked and lightly salted.
The hops are herbal and crisp with lemon zest, a little apple juice and a surprising, and surprisingly pleasant, flash of chewy cola bottles.
All of that and an earthy fruity aroma makes this a rather fine, and definitely Belgian, beer.
Except it’s brewed in France by a French brewery.
Now, where’s that blindfold?

NB: Thanks to Phil (@Filrd) of Beersay for help with this review.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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