Hellhound Brewery Twisted Sister (3.5%)

Hellhound, Hellhound
Grabs my throat in a killing bound
I’m looking in his big black eyes
I bark, I bark, I don’t know why
– The Shrubs, Blackmailer’s Heartache

Twisted SisterThis is a big beer considering its ABV.
Twisted Sister is a Pale Ale/Wheat hybrid brewed with American hops and champagne yeast.
The aroma is fresh fruit salad with added green bananas, and the beer sits and glows a sunshine orange in my glass.
A hop heavy beer, the malt flavours you’d expect form a wheat beer are here, but they’re subtly hidden away, popping up now and then with fried banana, honey, butter croissants and mace.
The hops are bitingly sharp lemon flesh, a bucket full of grapefruit zest, lime leaves and mango juice.
The result is a finish that puckers your cheeks, sucking the moisture out of your face with the most deliciously dry bitterness.
This is my first experience of Hellhound, and if this is what I can expect I can’t wait to try more.

Source: Hellhound Brewery

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