Hitachino Nest Beer Lacto Sweet Stout (4%)

Lacto Sweet StoutI can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve wanted to try Hitachino Nest.
And for no other reason than I love the way their bottles look.
They’re effortlessly cool and effortlessly, um, Japanese.
Lacto Sweet Stout is the smallest (in terms of ABV) of the beers I’ve got hold of, and it’s a soft, comforting, friendly beer.
It pours a deep black with a little bubbly head and its smell is chocolate buttons and milk chews.
The malt is round and soft like your favourite pillow made of beer.
What a thought.
My favourite pillow made of beer.
It’s milk chocolate, Farley’s Rusks, Love Hearts and raisins.
The hops are crumbly flakes of dead leaves, like the final day of autumn when there’s nothing left to kick as you walk down the street, but crumbs and conker shells.
The finish is a soft kiss of sweetened warm milk and honey.
Hitachino’s Lacto Sweet Stout is gently brilliant.

Source: Cotteridge Wines.

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