Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale (7%)

Red Rice AleIt’s hard to say anything more about this beer than it’s a bit magical.
Brewed with Red Rice by the Kiuchi Brewery, I could drink this for ever and ever.
It doesn’t look much under its prettily labelled bottle, just a honey coloured beer with the slightest pink tinge and a light faming head.
The smell is yeast and rice cakes, apples and salted peanuts.
Not earth shattering perhaps, that is until you take a sip.
There’s the most delightful spicy yeast undertone, and a sweetly gooey heather honey that’s earthy and rich.
And there’ a sweetness that I find difficult to describe.
It’s toffee apples and candy floss, pears, apricots and pink coconut ice.
But not quite.
The hops are soft leafy herbs and a squeeze of lemon that lead to a finish that’s floral and pretty, sweet yet dry, and packed with spicy black pepper.
Perhaps I’m not a very good beer writer, but I stopped making notes about halfway down my glass and simply wrote, “Red Rice Ale is dreamy.”


Source: Cotteridge Wines

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