Hitachino Nest Weizen (5.5%)

WeizenThis is the last of my stash of Hitachino Nest.
It’s a Weizen and it’s gorgeous.
The smell is spiced fruit salad and flower petals, and the beer glows beautifully in the afternoon sun.
There’s a lovely creaminess to Hitchino’s Weizen that softens everything, makes it blurry and rose tinted and rather romantic.
Lightly fried banana on a steel tray surrounded by strawberries and peaches blow kisses at you through a mist of yeasty sour dough bread crumbs.
But before this gets all weepy and soppy, the hops swipe you with a much needed lemony kick that brings everything back into focus and adds a good dry bitterness to the finish of this rather lovely beer.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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