Lymestone Brewery & Bob’s Virtual Brewers Virtual India Pale Ale (5%)

VIPAI must admit a bit of a vested interest in this beer as I, along with Marverine Cole (@BeerBeauty) and Phil Hardy (@filrd) and several others collaborated on this as part of the online adventure that was Best Of British Beer‘s first virtual brew in association with Lymestone Brewery.
Everyone who signed up chose ingredients and style, strength and name, and this is what we made.
A pretty decent IPA.
Pouring a very nice copper colour, the smell is pine resin and orange marmalade.
The malts are sticky toffee biscuits and bruised apples, a hint of bubble gum and some cracked black pepper.
Cascade, Summit and Columbus hops combine to give a rounded nutty, fruity bite, full of mandarins, orange skins, lemon rind and grapefruit zest all wrapped up in vine leaves.
The finish is long, dry, honey sweetened and lingering.
This virtual brewing seems to work just fine.

Source: Best of British Beer

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