Marsden’s Beers Ltd. Stout (5%)

Oak Cask Aged StoutAccording to the bottle, Marden’s age all their beer in whisky casks for up to forty five days.
You can certainly taste it here, and this is a great stout.
It pours a deep, dark purple brown and smells of liquorice, roast almonds, and Dandelion & Burdock.
There’s a super burned toast bitterness with some black coffee and a little bitter chocolate richness.
And there are a bunch of stewed red fruit in here too, plums and prunes and a good woody fustiness from the oak cask.
The hops are autumnal crunchy leaf litter and chestnuts, and the finish is  a big and comforting mix of bitter hedgerow and sweet warm whisky.
Very nice indeed.

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